Seminar about Tango Theatre

    We are to work with the feelings, emotions and stories that emerge when we dance tango. The objective is to recognize, modify and produce these emotions when necessary. In the case of the professional dancers, these needs usually come together with choreographic requirements.
    We use simple acting techniques that are intended to be combined directly with the abilities and skills of every learner, so that they can grow an extraordinary self-confidence in their own movements as well as the movements they transmit to their partners.
    To prepare the scenes, we take in consideration:
    1- A physical imaginary space (a room, a street, a forest, windy landscapes, water, etc.)
    2- Characters identified by moods, human attitudes, physical, psychological traits, always presented in own tango- dance movements.
    3- A meeting between characters in which one learns to observe, display, accept and build a scene, dancing tango.
    4- A tango-dance with elements of modern theater, contemporary dance and the art of improvisation. The seminar provides choreographic construction elements applicable to all branches of the tango dance: the partner dancing show, the dance theater, and the social dance.
    We study the difference between "feeling" and "communicating" emotions.
    The seminar intends to leverage the expressive power and the histrionic skills of the tango dancers. It is a source of ideas to create new choreographies; it is a way to develop the ability to be more expressive, and mostly it is a chance to play.
    The seminar facilitates partners' communication and enriches the dance of milonga couples.
    The Students This seminar is recommended for: tango dancers of all levels, dancers of other styles, actors and dancing or acting students. There is no need to attend in pairs. It is better to assist with comfortable clothes, low-heeled shoes or dancing shoes.
    The organization The seminar can vary from 5 to 12 hours, divided into classes of 2 hours. It can develop in a day, or on different days, depending on the capabilities of the organization.